Is Your Web Site Working For You?

Every website designer has a different plan when it comes to designing and building a website. Still, they have a common check list because no matter what they try, some elements of web design cannot be ignored. So, what are some of these elements that will make your website work for you?

Multiple pages

A website that has multiple pages ensures consistency in spacing. An image or piece of text that is displayed on its own page is better than text that is crammed on one page of the design. Multiple pages allow for spacing between elements and clearly leave buttons or words standing on their own.


It should be easy for users to navigate in your website. Also try and keep the navigational menus to a minimum to avoid overwhelming your users. The tools that help users navigate should be more user friendly to make users stay longer in your site.

About us

While it may not be very important for large companies that are household names to have an about us page, for small businesses it is a must have. This is where you let users know who you are, what you do and add a little personality to your brand It outlines the goals of a company, and the history of the company. One important thing to note is, make sure the page is not too wordy; keep it simple.

Contact us

Contact information may be placed either in the header, on the main navigation or on its own contact us page. It should be highly visible and contain your contact information which include; phone number, physical address, and a contact form to help users contact you directly using email from the website.

Call to action

In most cases, a website is the gate way to action. It is the way to make a sale, provide more information or gather contact information. To ensure action is taken, action prompts should be obvious and strong. You can design your website in such a way that an action is obvious and strong enough to lead users to click the button or have a signup form which is easy to fill and submit placed in a prime location.

Website optimization

It is the most effective online marketing strategy to have long-term top search engine rankings for increased visibility, stay on top of your competitors, increase your brand awareness to consumers, and enjoy higher sales.¬† we asked a leading seo agency¬†Glow Serp Consulting and they said “Optimizing your website for search engine is the gateway to online success”

Should you Start Out in Business for Yourself

starting a business

Starting a business for yourself can be very rewarding. Before you even start your own business, it advisable to save enough money and invest your time to understand how you can learn how to run your business. It is also important to consider the challenges involved while setting up a business. You should also put into consideration the future rewards of starting a business by yourself.

Challenges faced while starting own business

1. Obtaining funds to start the business Harsh economic times have given aspiring entrepreneurs a major blow. It has become extremely hard to find a financial institution that can lend you money to start a business. This means that you have to consider other options to get funds for obtaining loans from friends.

2. Emotional stability Starting and operating a business is no easy activity. Numerous ups and downs pose a significant threat to the success of the enterprise. Therefore as an entrepreneur, you will need to be emotionally stable to run the business.

3. Time managementWhen starting your business, you may feel the need to do everything for yourself or find that you spend too much time on things that do not develop the business. When starting a business, you should plan the tasks that you will do personally and the ones you will outsource.

4. Lack of balance When starting own business, the idea might get you too much focused such that you forget other important aspects of life that could make your life suffer. You may lack time to exercise which may lead to health implications. Seeking some time off to address other issues balances your life as an entrepreneur.

Future benefits of going to the business by yourself

open for business1. IncomeOwning your own business means that you get to enjoy the revenue generated by the enterprise alone. As the business grows and succeeds, so does the revenue and since there is no sharing, you will pocket all the money generated by the enterprise.

2. Flexible hoursWhen the business activities catch on, you will get to decide the operating hours. You can engage in another activity and still operate the business.

3. Job securityAs an entrepreneur, you will never have to worry about being fired. All you will need to concentrate on is your business. Operating your own business means that your occupation security is guaranteed.

4. Decisions When you own business, future decisions are made by you. You will eliminate the worries of countless consultations to another party. You will have complete control of the business.